Tim Smith in The Red & Black, by Me

Tim Smith

This is Deputy Chief of Policy for the University of Georgia Timothy Smith. He graduated from UGA 27 years ago and has spent time with the Athens-Clarke County Police Department, but recently took a job with the University.

I actually had to take photos of him on two separate occasions for the article. The first time was just a general portrait type shot in his office, but my editor thought we needed something a bit more so I went to a workshop he does and this was the result.

I wish his eyes were open, but at least the framing is good with the audience member in front.

However, it does appear as though the laptop is hitting her in the head which is a bit awkward. The background is a little busy as well, but the room wasn’t built to take photos in. If I take another photo like this I need to pay more attention to smaller details.

Tim Smith
Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Deputy Chief Tim Smith speaks at the Athens-Clarke County Citizen Police Academy at the police headquarters off Lexington Road Tuesday.