The Golden Hour (Not just for TV)

So today I went to take some more photos of A a mosque in Athens I am following for my Documentary Photojournalism class. I was waiting for the Imam to show up and I walked out side.

Seeing as how it was still the golden hour and the sunset was beautiful I walked up and down the sidewalk for a little bit when I noticed the one thing that makes beautiful light better, lots of particles of dust and dirt.Due to construction in the area, there was an excess of dirt on the road that some workers were sweeping away.

After a car drove through it and kicked up the particles I caught the refraction and it was amazing. I walked over and snapped a few photos.

I committed a cardinal sin of photojournalism though and didn’t ask the guy for his name, but I’ll live since I couldn’t use this for a portfolio picture anyway. If you look behind him, there is a powerline coming out of his shoulder. Those things are pesky and they should just bury the lines, it’d make property values go up anyway.

The funny thing about this photo, despite its flaws, is that I would have killed for a photo like this last semester whenI was in 3610 (Intro to Photojournalism). I couldn’t for the life of me find a decent light photo and had to redo the assignment two or three times to get a grade that I wasn’t pissed off about.

Road Worker
A worker brushes off dirt from a sidewalk across the street from construction of a set of student cottages March 3, 2007 in Athens, GA.