Men’s Tennis – Mennis

Jamie Hunt

This was published today in the Red & Black. It was actually a file photo that I took some time in mid February, I think, it may have been earlier.

In terms of a sports photo it is alright. There is a decent moment in that the ball is in the frame and easily identifiable. However, the background is a bit lacking.

The lady sitting there seems fairly uninterested in the match, imagine this shot if she was holding onto the net in front of her screaming her lungs out. Yeah, looks a lot cooler all of a sudden doesn’t it.

Additionally, the person in red directly behind him kind of makes the background a little bit confuesing. If the background were packed with people, it’d be fine, but because it alternates between person/no person, no person would have looked better behind him. His dark hair would pop out a lot more against a lighter background.

The composition could have been a bit better as well. I think it should have been cropped closer on the left side, and I wish his racket hadn’t been cut off at the tip.

Jamie Hunt
Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Freshman Jamie Hunt plays during a game against Georgia State. The Bulldogs won 7-0.