El Mozote and the Academic Bowl Team

Academic Bowl

This photo overall I like, although I wish I’d been able to get a good one of Steven proctoring with someone else looking on. However, I believe the photo is pretty good otherwise.

I decided that enough happens when I’m shooting photos that I should start adding in relevant stories about the shoot to these entries.

When I was taking these photos the team was practicingby asking questions from the packet Steven is holding in the picture. Well, a question came up that the team just had no idea about.

Remebering a song performed by Screeching Weasel that my friend played me a few years back I answer the question correctly. Paul Ruddle, someone who I met a few times in various places and more recently became friends with told me that I should have buzzed in on his team so they could have gotten the point.

Anyways, don’t let anyone ever tell you that punk music is useless, in this case it helped me answer a trivia question. Who knows, maybe one day Punk will hold the cure for cancer.

academic bowl
Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Steven Etheridge, a freshman bioengineering major from Conyers, proctors the University Academic Quiz Bowl team during its practice in the Tate Student Center. The team earned a bid for the Division II Intercollegiate Championship Tournament, to be held at the University of Minnesota April 13-14.