NIT – First Round

NIT Basketball

This was taken last wednesday at the first round of the NIT Men’s Basketball Tournament.

There are a lot of good things I like about this picture, but for some reason I wonder if it would have been better as a horizontal cropped just above Stuke’s head and just below the basketball.

The action in the shot is moving horizontally, so I feel like it would work better as such. However, I’m not upset it ran vertically.

Seeing stukes breaking past the guard paired with the expression on the guard’s face is nice, but the dead space around his arm in the top of the picture just gets to me.

In a sadder note, this was possibly the last basketball shoot I will have in college depending on how things work out next semester.

I feel like I’ve improved a lot since I first shot the Wisconsin game back in late December. Hopefully after I graduate I’ll get a job taking photos somewhere that has a basketball team. It’d be a shame if this was the last time I ever got to do it.

Levi Stukes at the first round NIT
Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Levi Stukes (right) led the Bulldogs’ 88-78 win over Fresno State in the first round of the National Invitational Tournament Wednesday, March 14. Stukes scored 30 points.