Women’s Tennis

Women’s Tennis

More tennis photos, but this time women’s. I tried thinking of different ways to make the photos more interesting, and I find this one fairly boring so I’ll talk about the ones that weren’t used instead.

So, first thing I tried was taking photos up high by sitting in the ref’s chair. I got some nice angles and moments from that of another player, but I guess they wanted to focus on Frazier instead.

I also tried getting really low. At one point I got on my stomach and tried shooting from as close to the ground as possible. I thought I got some decent ones from there too.

Funny side note, the player almost fell on top of me when I was down low. She ran off the court trying to get a save, but ended up taking a roll. I jumped out of the way just in time to avoid an awkward situation.

Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Frazier led the Bulldogs to victory over Vanderbilt