Tiffany Odem

Tiffany Odem

This semester I’ve taken quite a few portraits of people for the paper.

Normally, the photos are fairly boring, just a person standing in front of something or posing in their office, but earlier this week I was sent to take a photo of this person, Tiffany Odem.

All I knew about her when I got the assignment was that she worked at the rock wall at Ramsey, and I instantly began thinking of ways to get an interesting portrait.

I decided that her climbing the wall would probably be my best bet. The photo ended up looking pretty good, although I wish her hand weren’t cut off at the top. However, the real interest in this picture isn’t the photo itself, its her.

She was one of the nicest and most accommodating subjects I’ve ever had to take a portrait of. She was more than willing to help out in whatever way she could even if it meant hanging from the wall about 30 to 40 feet off the ground. It was a real pleasure working with her.

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