Alpha Phi Alpha @ The Salvation Army


Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Richard Walker and Chike Akoh of Alpha Phi Alpha take directions from Paula Royal Wallace as they prepare to serve food to the homeless at the Salvation Army.

Alpha Phi Alpha

Yesterday I got a last minute photo request for a fraternity who was working at the Salvation Army.

The Fraternity was very friendly and let me take photos of whatever I wanted, but the biggest problem I had was with the lighting.

I had to switch between using flash and not using flash and my light meter seemed to be off for some reason as all my non-flash photos came out dark.

Luckily, the 20D is good about taking dark images, in that you can tone them up without the image breaking apart. This photo was only a little dark and required very little toning, but it still works pretty well.

I like the body language and eye contact in the photo, but I really wish I had been able to do something about the lights on the ceiling. If I had shot down I would have been able to get rid of them. However, hail marrying is a bit difficult when everyone is that much taller than you.