2 Photos + Short Course

2 Photos

I’m running low on time so here are two photos that were printed in yesterday’s edition.

Southern Shortcourse

This weekend I’m heading up to Chattanooga for the Southern Shortcourse in News Photography.

It should be good, a few people from my class are going because Grady offered to pay our expenses which is nice.

Anyways, expect full sized write ups about things as soon as I get back and have more time.

Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Erik Demaine gives his lecture “Origami, Linkages, and Polyhedra: Folding with Algorithms” as part of the 13th Annual Cantrell Lecture Series. He was the youngest MIT professor at age 20, will speak again today and Friday.
Josh D. Weiss/The Red & Black Author Scott Fried quotes a letter in his book, “Letters from the Secret Lives of Teens.” Fried is HIV positive and spoke about being different in the Georgia Hall Wednesday.