Softball is one of those sports I’m still trying to get a feel of when I shoot. Granted I’m better at it now than I was when I first started, but I still find it especially difficult.

I’ve kind of figured out that the shot of the person hitting the ball is kind of worthless as you rarely if ever see the person’s face unless you have a large enough zoom, but even then you probably can’t see what they are doing.

Anyways, I like this photo although I wish I had been able to use a longer zoom to get it. I’m glad I got all the action in the shot, everything was in focus, and it was exposed correctly.

Hrm, as I was typing this I got an e-mail from the photo editor of the Mississippi State paper asking for some photos. Cool, I guess I have a new title: Josh Weiss – Syndicated Photographer.

Photo by Josh D. Weiss Sophomore infielder Chelsea Cantillo is tagged out by Mississippi State University’s Courtney Bures during Sunday’s game. Georgia lost to MSU with a final score of 12-5.