War Protest

Iraq Protest

Some time last week I remember hearing about this Iraq War protest that was going to happen on Friday.

Normally I enjoy being able to sleep in on Friday’s because I have no class, but I figured it would be a good opportunity to try and get some portfolio photos.

After I got there and had been shooting for a little bit, I saw a reporter from the Red & Black so I called up my editor to see if she wanted my photos.

Turns out they did, just an example of why it pays (literally) to shoot even when you don’t have a reason to.

Anyways, the photo on top ran dominant in today’s paper and it is alright. It is good cause the background is so thrown out of focus that it isn’t distracting, and the guy is smiling which is nice. However, I really would have liked there to have been some interaction between him and someone else. That is what is lacking in the second picture as well.

I really just need to work on getting better moments. Both of the photos that ran were quite bland in that regard.

For example with this second picture, imagine if she was screaming and you could see the guy behind her screaming as well but he was slightly thrown out of focus. Exactly, much better photo.

These guys had a protest last month too, so I imagine they’ll have a few more before the end of the War in Iraq. I’ll just keep going back till I get one of those defining moments. Better luck next time I suppose.

Photo by Josh D. Weiss Aaron Godbey, a senior from Atlanta, holds a sign during an anti-war protest Friday at the Tate student center. The protest culminated in a march from Tate to the Athens Courthouse.
Photo by Josh D. Weiss Amy Summers, a senior from Albany, holds a sign during a war protest and march from the Tate Center to the Athens courthouse Friday. After marching, the protesters moved back to the Arch to discuss the war in Iraq.


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  1. Lindy Avatar

    I like the photo up top, even though it is sort of a ‘sign shot’. I wish though you’d posted a bigger picture, or a link to a larger version, so we could see the little comments on the sign and other details. I think they add to the picture a little.