AthFest – Day 2

AthFest Day 2 for me should be known as the day nothing wanted to work. I had a camera die on me, my flash unit stop syncing, and another camera that was so painfully slow it took a full 2 minutes after I took my last photo to finish writing what was in the buffer.

Today I shot the following in top to bottom order as seen by the photos below: Kids playing in a giant foam pit at KidsFest, Allie & The Bandits, The Whigs, and Renegades.

As you can tell, the color is completely blown out on some of the photos cause the lighting was so strange that I had to use a ridiculously high ISO that all the colors became super-saturated or incredibly grainy. It works for some of the photos, but not so well for others.


One response to “AthFest – Day 2”

  1. kelly Avatar

    which camera died????? not one of our Nikons????!!! if you have messed up our equipment, so help me….(various threats and shaking of fists)