Old Skewl Gaming

This past weekend my photo staff and I worked on a project I planned out called 12 Hours in Downtown Athens. Every photographer who helped signed on for a one hour shift between 10 pm and 10 am and spent the hour taking photos of anything of interest.

The entire set is scheduled to run in August 9th’s AthenScape edition that coincides with when Freshman can move into the dorms. However, there were a number of photos which didn’t run because of space issues.

This is one of the photos that I took that won’t be appearing in AthenScape, but instead I decided to run in today’s Red & Black as a standalone.I really like the lighting on this photo, I didn’t use flash and all the light comes from the Galaga display.

I did have to use Photoshop to raise the brightness on Tony a bit, but that was mainly because we were concerned the Athens Banner-Herald, who prints our paper, would run it too dark and he wouldn’t show up.

In terms of things I would change about the photo, I wish I had gotten the full “a” at the end of Galaga, but thats a minor complaint. Overall I’m pretty satisfied with it.