Macon and a 40D Update


Yesterday I took a trip down to Macon, Ga. to visit Woody Marshall at The Telegraph. I went on an assignment with him, watched him submit some photos, met one of their photographers, then watched as they worked on creating a photo illustration.

I took some photos myself, but since I’m in the process of moving I put my memory card reader in a box somewhere and won’t have access to it till the 9th at the earliest. Look for more regular updates then since The Red & Black begins publishing again soon after.


I mentioned here the other week that the 40D had appeared on the CIPA list, well Engadget now has what they believe to be photos of the new camera (see their post by clicking here).

From what I can tell, the screen appears to be bigger than the 30D’s and as a result some buttons have been moved around to compensate. Supposedly there is evidence of a sRaw format.

For those who don’t know what Raw is, let me explain. Raw is the file that is generated as seen by the camera sensor when the picture is taken. Normally, the image is then converted to a jpeg where various settings are adjusted and the file is then compressed. Raw images are completely untouched and allow you to process the image on your own after you are done shooting. These files though are nearly 2 to 3 times the size of the equivalent jpeg though and because they require post processing are almost never used for newspapers.

Anyways, sRaw is a smaller version of the Raw file, so basically you get more out of your camera’s buffer when you are set to rapid fire mode.

Anyways, take all this with a grain of salt since Canon still hasn’t announced the camera yet so all this is just speculation based on sketchy evidence at best.