AthenScape Covers

As I’ve previously mentioned, I was the Photo Editor this summer at The Red & Black. Two of my final projects were just unveiled to the public yesterday and I am now able to post them here.

I am going to have everyone who wants to see them click the more button below just so that it doesn’t take forever for this page to load.

This was a collaborative project between myself and Summer Opinions Editor/Editorial Cartoonist Bill Richards. Last year Bill drew a full page overview of North Campus and Downtown, and so I mentioned it would be cool for him to draw his caricatures on top of a real place on campus.

We batted the idea around a bit until we achieved this as a final result. Bill drew in a few people we knew including my roommate at the time who had made a cameo in last years as well and a mutual friend of ours that had gone on a study abroad with Bill last year when he went to Oxford.

My absolute favorite part of it is Mike Adams, the President of UGA, riding the shoulders of Tom Jackson down the stairs.

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