Breakdancing Down the House

Yesterday around 3:30 pm I was told by my Photo Editor, Kelly Wegel, that I would need to shoot the Break Dancing Club, but I only had 30 minutes to do it since deadline was 9 pm, the club didn’t meet until 8 pm, and I would need time to get back to the Red & Black and unload and edit my photos.

I was really paranoid I wouldn’t get any good photos so I tried to use only my 70mm to 200 mm lens and my 50 mm with my flash unit on a sync cord since I knew I could knock out the backgrounds since they had relatively low f/ stops. That ended up not working too well so I gave up with my initial idea and switched to my wide angle and put the flash on the top of my camera just to give me more ambient light to bounce around.

The end results can be seen below.