Big Story… Need Art… Any Art

Yesterday I got a call from my editor saying that The Red & Black was breaking a big story at the pharmacy school on campus.  You can read the story here.  To summarize though, a professor is accused of selling the answers to a national exam that all pharmacy students are required to take before they graduate.

The problem with an assignment like this is that the professor is no longer likely to be immediately available for a portrait, or even on campus for that matter.  No one in the school can or wants to talk about it, but you still need art regardless.

While this photo isn’t the most exciting or directly relevant to the story, given the circumstances its the best I was able to do.  The guy’s office would have made a better photo, however it was unmarked and the only way we knew a certain room was his office was due to three different sources within the school identifying it as such.  So, between an unmarked door and a building of the school (after taking photos of both), we decided to run this one.