Playboy:”Girls of the SEC” signing

Yesterday a few UGA students who appeared in this month’s edition of Playboy had a signing at a local newsstand.  The odd part of it all wasn’t the models, but some of the people who came to have their magazine’s signed.

You would figure that if you didn’t want people to know you did something, you wouldn’t be doing it.  However, that is rarely the case for most people.  The photographer from The Athens Banner-Herald and I had a hell of a time trying to get people to actually give us their name’s for use in captions.

Personally, I think that if you are trying to hide the fact that you came to an event like this you seem a lot more sketchy than the people who gave their name.  Case and point, the guy getting his magazine signed below.  His girlfriend came with him and he had no problem giving me his name.  He knew what he was doing and didn’t care if people knew.  Afterwards, he even commented about the people who wouldn’t give their names.

Also, because the magazine in the top picture is open, I chose to censor the “offensive parts” of the models in the picture so I don’t have to worry about a distributing pornography to minors charge.  The Red & Black censored the image as well, but its bars were much bigger.


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  1. kelly wegel the boss Avatar
    kelly wegel the boss

    Do you mean case IN point? Waxing illiterate, are we?

    Mark said : I don’t think you would have legal problems with it unless there’s a
    county or state ordinance. At the federal level, it would be protected,
    I believe.

    The two options would be to black it out (or, preferably, “digitize”
    it) or to shoot around the images, as the ABH did. Either works. The
    story is worth reporting on, so finding a way to shoot it that won’t
    offend your readers is important.

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