Berkmar High School vs. Central Gwinnett High School (Features)

Here are the feature photos from the Friday, September 28, 2007 football game between Berkmar High School and Central Gwinnett High School. Again, photos were taken for and reposted here with permission.

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8 thoughts on “Berkmar High School vs. Central Gwinnett High School (Features)

  1. ya them central boys was scared. i was scared for them too. and i was on berkmar side. them berkmar boys was not playing with them. they were fint to make sure there were going to go 4-0 and they did.

  2. I used to go to Central High but moved to Berkmar my sophomore year. I remember this game and looking at who it was that was hurt, I actually know one of them: Gio. He and I weren’t real friends but we talked and got along. I doubt he remembers me but I hope he came out of that game OK and not seriously hurt.

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