Petit Le Mans – Cars

Yesterday I spent all day at Road Atlanta covering the 10th Annual Petit Le Mans for my photojournalism class. The race is 1,000 miles or 12 hours, whichever comes first, and is part of The American Le Mans Series. Additionally, there are four races going on at the same time between four different classes of cars.

Besides it being cool that we got to cover the event for free, my professor Mark Johnson was able to get Canon to loan us some camera lenses. The ones we were able to use were a 400mm f/2.8, a 500 f/5.6, and a 600 f/ 4.0.

I used the 400 and the 600 during various parts of the day, but at one point I decided to shoot with a 1.4x teleconverter. Basically, I was shooting at 840mm with an aperture of 5.6. I might as well have been sitting on the hood of the cars for some of the pictures I got.

I’m breaking up the photos I took into different posts. Expect the next set later tonight or tomorrow.


2 responses to “Petit Le Mans – Cars”

  1. kelly wegel Avatar

    I love that first one, with the starred light. but…want…more…pans!!

    how was pit row??? any shots from that?

  2. J. Weiss Avatar
    J. Weiss

    Enjoyed looking at these and the other recent additions.