New Canon Lenses

According to Crave, Canon announced 2 new lenses they will be rolling out in the near future. The first is a 200mm f/2.0. I can see how this would be helpful for low light situations where you need a modest amount of zoom, but the big news is the 800mm f/5.6.

The thing is a beheamouth at 11.8 pounds and 18 inches long, also, it will set you back $7,200. This thing is basically the answer to the ungodly monstrosity that I concocted during the Petit Le Mans the other week where I put a 1.4x teleconverter on a 600mm f/4.0.

So, even though the new lens is down an extra 40mm from what I was shooting with the images should be sharper since you won’t be shooting through a teleconverter. I imagine this will also help with focusing since its all through one lens.

As my photo professor Mark Johnson likes to say, “Thats a lot of glass…”

Link: Canon preps two high-end telephoto lenses



One response to “New Canon Lenses”

  1. mark e. johnson Avatar

    Eh, 800 mm is nothing … now, 1200 mm, that’ll clean up your backgrounds a bit …