Paul Begala – “Politics 2008: Serious Business or Show Business for Ugly People?”

Last night former presidential advisor and current CNN talking head Paul Begala spoke at UGA.  He gave a speech called, “Politics 2008: Serious Business or Show Business for Ugly People?” 

The speech was quite humorous and kept the audience amused as he dissected the 2008 Presidential race.  He took jabs at both parties saying that Democrats have a problem with intellectual superiority while Republicans have a problem with moral superiority.

He then pointed out that Giuliani has had more wifes than the number of times Romney has actually gone hunting, and that no one expected for the Mormon to be the only Republican candidate to only have one wife.

He also said that he unwittingly did a favor to George W. Bush in 2000 by writing a book entitled, “Is Our Children Learning?” that mocked Bush’s intelligence.  He believes he set the bar so low for Bush that when he defied people’s expectations he came off as being smarter.

He now believes that Republicans are doing the same for Hillary Clinton, in that by calling her a witch all she has to do is show up to debates not riding a broom and people will have a better impression of her.


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    He looks likes he’s in pain.

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