Jocelyn Negron & Goodbye Red & Black?

Last night I was given the choice to continue stringing for the AP or keep my job at the R&B.  I think you can figure out which one I chose.

To say I’m not disappointed in the situation is a lie.  I’ve worked at the Red & Black in some capacity or another since I was a freshman even if I wasn’t officially on staff till last fall.  There is a slight possibility I’ll be able to keep working at the paper as a staff photographer, but my time there as a Chief Photographer is over.  I should know by later today what the final decision is.

Anyways, this is possibly the last assignment of mine that will run.  I’m shooting something today since I’d been assigned it before I had to leave, but even if this were the last thing to run I’d be pretty happy with it.

I’ve had to do a lot of portraits for the paper over the past year, and while there are a few small things I’d change about the image for the most part its the first one I’m pretty satisfied with.

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2 responses to “Jocelyn Negron & Goodbye Red & Black?”

  1. Valentina Avatar

    This photograph is stunning.

    And as an aside, WHAT.

  2. anonymouse Avatar

    Stick with the AP. You can’t turn down that kind of Money and people seeing your photos.

    Yeah its dissapointing but look for the opportunities out of it. I’d also try and make some calls to some other agencies to try and shoot for them as well.