University of Georgia vs. Elon (Men’s Basketball)

Last night I shot the UGA vs. Elon basketball game. I submitted 5 photos to the wire, but the one I figured should definitely be put on the wire didn’t make it.

Billy Humphrey was definitely the focal point of the game scoring more points than anyone on the team in his first game back after a suspension last week.

After noting he was doing pretty well in the first half and this background information, I made sure to include a photo of him when I transmitted at halftime, but the photo never made it to the wire. Kind of a bad decision since the AP story that went with the photos made note of what I just said about Humphrey.

Anyways, I get paid whether the photos get published or not, so whatever.

Also, Rashaad Singleton makes the best faces of all the people on Georgia’s basketball team, see below.

To see the rest of the photos that made it to the wire, click here or “Continue Reading” below the photo.