Where’s Waldo? (UGA Edition)

Earlier in the semester I took this photo intending it to be a cover for the First & Goal section of The Red & Black.  I did some work to make the scene more complex in Photoshop and had Editorial Cartoonist Bill Richards dress up as Waldo.  The photo never got used, so I’m just going to post it here. The photo was taken from the side stairs in Sanford Stadium looking out onto Sanford Drive prior to the Western Carolina game. 



3 responses to “Where’s Waldo? (UGA Edition)”

  1. Frannie Avatar

    i can’t find waldo.

  2. Frannie Avatar

    I found him, hah, I don’t know why it was so hard the first time.

  3. elyssa Avatar

    ahahahahha. i loves it. Try desaturating everything but the red. I want to see it that way.