Up up and away

I shot a high school basketball game tonight over at Clarke Central.  They have a track the runs around the venue while the court is sort of in a pit below it which seems to be a trend among the high schools I’ve seen.

Anyways, I spent a quarter up there after I felt like I had some standby stuff in case it didn’t work out.   The top photo was selected as the primary photo for the story about the game and the second was also put on the website, not sure if it made the paper.


One response to “Up up and away”

  1. kelly wegel Avatar

    IMO shooting from the track makes for the cleanest shots. usually the background is distracting when you shoot from the floor, and unless you have a reaction going on in the background, it is just ppl watching a game. are you strobing these high school games? I have no idea what a canon would run you but nikon is about 300, maybe a little more, for a remote, then the clamps are only about 30 bucks or so to get the strobes off camera. let me know what you think. I’m gonna make that investment myself after a few more paychecks.