Megaband/We Vs. the Shark/The Buddy System

I shot a show at The Georgia Theatre last night. The bands who played were The Buddy System, We vs. The Shark, and Megaband.

The headliner last night was a band called Megaband. They are also known as Contrband, Zeldaband or Ninjagaidenband depending on which game they are playing at any given performance.

The band consists of members from the band Cinemechanica and We vs. The Shark and plays the music of various old video games. Someone plays the game on a screen while they provide the music.

The interesting thing about this is the level of talent it takes to play these songs. When these old video games were made, they were written on synthesizers by people who knew very little if anything about music theory. The results were songs that were incredibly difficult to reproduce on conventional instruments.

Anyways, here are some of the photos, click “Read More” below or here to see the rest.


One response to “Megaband/We Vs. the Shark/The Buddy System”

  1. Frannie Avatar

    so that kid plays video games while the band plays? what a strange world we live in.
    good to see you the other day joshers.