Dawgy Style Gymnastics (Georiga vs NC State)

Last night the Gymdogs had a meet against N.C. State. I had a pass and the other thing I was supposed to shoot didn’t pan out so I went over to the Coliseum to get some practice.

I think this try went a lot better than my last attempt (seen here). I tried getting something in the picture that was more than just an interesting pose, such as interesting facial expressions, backgrounds that added a second element and an extreme graphical nature.

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3 responses to “Dawgy Style Gymnastics (Georiga vs NC State)”

  1. Jerry SImpson Avatar

    These are some fantastic images.

    I’m looking to do a study with motion picture film of a routine on the balance beam. Well…not really film, high speed digital capture 1000 fps. OD you know of any way to contact these athletes or their coach, Suzanne?

    Email me back with suggestions…

  2.  Avatar

    Good job ladies

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