Life Imitating Art (Demosthenian’s Annual Impeachment)

One of the interesting thing I’ve noticed since I began shooting is that I begin looking at snapshot photos in entirely new ways. It hadn’t really become apparent to me until this weekend while I was attending The Demosthenian Literary Society‘s anniversary meeting.

As a member, I was taking photos for myself so that in future years I could look back and remember some of the traditions of the debate society that I’ve been in since I was a freshman at UGA.

In the past, I would simply shoot photos, but this year I found myself treating the event like I would treat any assignment I’d take from a paper. As such, I really like how the photos came out this year and thought they were worth posting here. Some of the photos are similar to others, but I don’t really care for a post like this.

Anyways, these were all from the annual impeachment trial the society holds on the sitting president. It occurs every year at 2:00 am during the meeting and the president is reinstated before the end of the meeting at 7:00 am.


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