Big Hearts for Special People Pageant

Last Saturday I got to shoot a pageant for children with developmental disabilities. The first part of the assignment was to get photos of two participants who were getting ready at one of their homes and the second half was to go to the pageant itself.

I really liked the photos when I first looked at them, but the more I looked the more disappointed I became.

One of the things I definitely need to work on is using a larger depth of field. Some of the photos would have been a lot nicer had more been in focus due to the layering I tried to get. I guess its not such a bad thing that I can see whats wrong with my pictures because it gives me something to work on.

The Athens-Banner Herald – Big Hearts Pageant boosts confidence


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  1. Frannie Fabian Avatar
    Frannie Fabian

    I could seriously cry of happiness looking at these pictures.