Yesterday I shot the gymnastics meet for Arkansas’s athletics department. Instead of posting the same style photos over and over again, I’m gonna post some different things I tried this time.

Commentary instead of captions this time.


4 responses to “Coansas…err…Arkansas.”

  1. kelly wegel Avatar

    Any shots of the Kupets injury?

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    Unfortunately no, because I was shooting Arkansas I was over near the balance beam while everyone else was over at the floor exercises so there was a whole lot of crap in the way and I didn’t know anything had happened till they cut the music off.

  3. Lindy Avatar

    I don’t get the subject line?

    And I like the layering on the first one.

  4. claude Avatar

    Do you have more of the arkansas team?

    Photos of the team are hard to find