Portrait of a Demosthenian President

Took some portraits of Rory Weeks, the President of the Demosthenian Literary Society, last night. My friend Emily Crawford did a series of portraits of all the officers about two years ago which gave me the idea for this, but I just needed practice and possible shots for my portfolio instead of it being for a class assignment.

I have a small problem with each of these and not sure which I should put in my portfolio. Which of the following do you like best and why?


7 responses to “Portrait of a Demosthenian President”

  1. Kristin Avatar

    The last one reminds me so much of one of those pictures Emily did! Was it the JHT one?

    I like the second to last one the best. The architecture is so imposing that Rory looks proportional :)

  2. Lindy Avatar

    I think the first one is your most solid image, technically. I like the second to last, but the reflection of the softbox kills it. No way it’s portfolio quality with something obvious as that in it. The second and fourth one… too much wide angle distortion.

  3. Haley Avatar

    I know nothing about photography but I’d say first one for sure. I think he looks quite noble and ready for business, not bland. And the green and yellow are very striking.

  4. Steven Avatar

    I like 1 and 3, but there’s softbox in BOTH. The framing of the windowpane in 3 is near perfect, but Rory’s expression is a little goofy. I suppose you can’t edit out the softbox with photoshop if you want either in your portfolio…

  5. Kelly Lambert Avatar
    Kelly Lambert

    First one fo sho

  6. Kelly Wegel Avatar

    None of these belong in your portfolio, you can do better

  7. Dave Avatar

    I’m with Wegel. None of them are good enough to go in your portfolio.

    The top one is technically solid, but a second light acting as a rimlight would help but its a bland concept. Get him out from behind the desk and do something creative or weird.

    Dont let me see the softbox.