Digital Film (No, Really)

Back in 2003 when I was still at North Springs High School I came across an old issue of Popular Science Magazine that briefly discussed a new technology for film SLR cameras that would transform them into digital cameras.

Although the magazine was from the late 90’s, the idea behind the technology intrigued me. Basically, an electronic device the size of a roll of 35mm film was inserted similarly to a roll of film in the camera. Once that task was done, you had a full out digital camera.

Obviously, this technology never made it to the market, probably because DSLR’s became much more accesible. However, I’d wondered what had happened to it since that was the only mention I’d ever heard.

Well, while reading Cnet today I came across this article on Vapourware (things that are discussed, developed, and ultimately never released).,39029477,49295698-9,00.htm

Anyway, interesting idea that was ultimately unnecessary.