The Gym Dogs competed against UCLA today.  The last two weeks for them have been rough with the loss of Two-Time NCAA All-Around Champion Courtney Kupets and a loss to Michigan, but they rebounded today posting their highest score of the season.

I tried for a variety of shots this weeks that I normally wouldn’t risk if I were shooting for someone.  I ended up having more shots I liked than I knew what to do with.  So even after three edits, I still have a bunch to post here.



4 responses to “(B)ruined”

  1. Dave Avatar

    So you like that catwalk look, eh?


  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    I just wanted something different, I could either get the same shots I always get, or try something new. I probably won’t bother going up on Friday since I’ve gotten what I wanted from it and will want to try other things.

  3. Meg Avatar

    Grace Taylor isn’t doing the hang ten sign (that’s just the thumb and the pinky). It’s sign language for “I love you.”

  4. Dave Avatar

    BTW, that Tiffany Tolnay shot on the vault goes in your portfolio, IMO