The April

This weekend I went up to Chapel Hill, NC to visit some of my friends who are in the Dialectic and Philanthropic Societies of UNC.  I mostly went to enjoy myself, but after seeing other people bust out camera equipment the photographer in me forced me to take a few shots of my own.  Here is my favorite from the night though.


4 responses to “The April”

  1. Sara Guevara Avatar

    this shot would have been much more successful had you shot tighter…there is too much dead space around the frame

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    I decided to shoot wide on this because I wanted to show off the chamber it was in. If I’d shot it tighter there would be no sense of location.

    Unfortunately there weren’t more people there otherwise the frame would have filled out better, but I think a tight shot in this case wouldn’t have worked well.

  3. Sara Guevara Avatar

    “If I’d shot it tighter there would be no sense of location.”

    I thought it was Demosthenian Hall until I read the caption…

  4. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    Nope, there are actually major differences between the interiors of the champers, the biggest one being that The Phi at UNC doesn’t have any chairs while it does have a dias that its officers sit on. Demos has permanent chairs and a bench, but no dias.

    A member of either society would be able to tell very quickly, but not so much if it were a really tight shot.

    I don’t think you care that much, but I could show you some pics of the two some time.