UGA Photojournalism Workshop

By far one of the best experiences I’ve had at UGA was when I took part in its Spring Workshop last year. The way it works is you spend the entire weekend with various editors that Professor Mark Johnson brings in. You go out and shoot, come back and get edited, then go back out and shoot more. Rinse and repeat for 3 days and by the end you are guaranteed to have learned something.

I definitely feel like the turning point in my work was that weekend.

Anyways, they held the third annual workshop this past weekend. Although I didn’t get to participate, I can definitely say the work I saw from it really impressed me.

Mark posted this video two of the editors made that shows the work and talks about the workshop a bit. It is definitely worth a look.

Third Annual UGA Photojournalism Workshop

Also, if you want to see the work I did at last year’s workshop check the following links.