The Cheese

This morning I shot an assignment for the Banner-Herald. The story was about how the high gas prices have affected field trips at local schools. They had me shoot some fifth graders who were going to a local nature center, so I tried to work with the situation since I was only really able to shoot briefly since during my shooting time they only got on and off the bus once. Also, I wasn’t about to start shooting while driving on the loop.


4 responses to “The Cheese”

  1. kelly wegel Avatar

    I guess none of the others worked out. I don’t see any moments here. Did the kids ever do anything?

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    Story wasn’t about the kids, so I wasn’t focusing on them.

  3. kelly wegel Avatar

    I thought the story was about how gas prices are affecting the children and their field trips. Did they not allow you to do a ride along?

  4. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    The main issue with a ride along was that I would have had to spend the entire duration of the field trip with the students had I gone with them since I would not have my car available to get back to the office to file.

    Also, they specifically requested photos of them boarding and exiting the school bus.