Joshua Fields, savior of UGA Baseball

I was asked on Wednesday to shoot a portrait of this UGA baseball player.  I had some ideas for portraits that were more creative, but when it started raining it became more a matter of trying to make sure the equipment I was using didn’t get fried so I went with something more standard.


3 responses to “Joshua Fields, savior of UGA Baseball”

  1. Jordan McDaniel Avatar
    Jordan McDaniel

    You are the best pitcher ever

  2. Roy Spearman Avatar
    Roy Spearman

    Saw you pitch in the CWS last week. Congratulations to the Bulldogs on being #2 in the excellent job by the whole team.Everyone should be very proud. What interested me was a closer I saw pushing the 100 mph mark and when the announcer said the Braves had drafted you, I had to look you up. Looks like you have the world by the tail..a situation I was in about 50 years ago. All I can offer is take care of your arm…I didn’t and blew mine out. The very best to you,hopefully as a Brave.

  3. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    I’m not Josh Fields, I am Josh Weiss, I just took portraits of Fields for the AP