I recently purchased a Canon FS 100 video camera based on some research I did. I got it primarily though because of a) its small form factor and b) it uses SD card memory as opposed to miniDV tape. There are many advantages to part b. The first being that I don’t have to capture tape before I can start editing. The camera lets me pop the card into the computer, copy off the card and then boom I’m ready to go.

The main reason I got the camera is that I have no video in my portfolio as of right now. Starting in two weeks I will begin an internship at The Anniston Star in Anniston, Ala., and I wanted to make sure I had the means to do some multimedia work while I’m there.

Today I had to shoot some stand-alones at pool for the Athens Banner-Herald and I decided to bring the camera with me to test it out. There were a number of factors from this being a top notch attempt, mainly that I haven’t done video in about 4.5 years (when I was in high school). The second being that I got a call from the Photo Editor, John Curry, asking me to shoot something else as well that I had to run to.

Anyways, given that this is a first attempt, for all intents and purposes, I don’t think its terrible. I mainly wanted to test out the video quality of the camera., where the video is being hosted does its own compression, but it looks pretty good on my computer.

So, here is the video.

***The video quality is a bit low because of the transcoding for the host, I’m working out the kinks and it will hopefully work better next time*

One thought on “Vih-de-oh

  1. hey, I know you’ll have something to say after I make these suggestions, but whatever!

    1. use a tripod!
    2. keep the graphic that shows the name up for a few more seconds
    3. use a neutral color for the graphic (i.e. transparent grey, etc.)
    4. ask the interviewee to thread the LAV mike under his/her shirt
    5. what no credit at the end?

    Other than that, it’s nice to have you making videos with the best (and worst) of us. Welcome.

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