Light me baby, one more time

One of the few places I’d never been in Athens was The Caledonia Lounge. It is a small music venue that resides in a spot that was once home to one of the many locations of The 40 Watt Club prior to its current location.

Anyways, I’d heard horror stories about the lighting in there so I decided to try doing something I’d never done before. I grabbed my monopod, attached my flash unit to the sync chord, and then tried to create a new lightsource for the venue that wouldn’t over power the stage lights.

I dialed my flash down manually to 1/128 power and this is what I came up with.

Editor’s Note: Your eyes do not deceive you,  photos are now 600px instead of 500px.


2 responses to “Light me baby, one more time”

  1. Mike Avatar

    Nice meeting you at the show, great shots of American Cheeseburger. Just so you know out of all the shows I’ve been to they have never turned on the white bulbs above the stage so you got lucky in that regard.

  2. Jake Avatar

    Nice pics, man. I really love the way the blur on the first pic compliments the imagined vibration of the guitar strings. Even though the strings aren’t causing the blur, the way the blur occurs at the end of the neck creates that illusion, and I think it’s cool. I like the rest too, particularly the moment in the photo number two.