Like yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre

First day at The Anniston Star was yesterday. They had me shoot what was left of a controlled burn in Talladega National Forest that had happened on Saturday. Basically, show that there was fire at some point (or still is) along with a portrait of this guy who helps the project along.

I thought this portrait came out pretty well considering I really suck at portraits. However, I’m working on it so hopefully this is a sign that I’m improving. To light it I used a mix of ambient light and my strobe via off camera sync cord. Attached the strobe to my monopod again to get the light source further away from the camera.


3 responses to “Like yelling fire in a crowded movie theatre”

  1. woodstock Avatar

    why are they burning a perfectly good forest?

  2. blane Avatar

    Great photos! They do the control burn to remove the unwanted under brush. This gives fresh new green growth for wildlife to feed on and also removes the under brush that may fuel a major forest fire. The control burn does no harm to the mature pine trees.

  3.  Avatar

    I love your portrait of the controlled burn guy. There’s a lot of emotion packd in there, and you caught it.