To boldy go where no Georgian has gone before

About an hour ago the Editor-in-Chief of the Anniston Star asked me to take on a special project tomorrow out in Panola, Al.  Apparently at the end of every summer the church there comes together and holds a giant barbecue sale to raise funds for the church.

They’ve been doing this since the 1940’s at the latest, probably longer.  However, this is looking to be the final one. So I will be heading out early tomorrow morning to get photos. It should be a long, but hopefully interesting and fruitful day.

Keep your eye out for photos and multimedia from this.



One response to “To boldy go where no Georgian has gone before”

  1. Frannie Avatar

    I drove through Anniston this morning, on my way to Pelham for this conference thing. I waved to you as I drove by.