5 thoughts on “New design

  1. Good theme choice. The only issue is with the comment box, it is pushed to the bottom of your post pages, below where the last widget is on your sidebar. It might be designed that way, but I don’t like it too much.

  2. It looks like the design is kinda off one your big posts, like the Dixie Baseball one, your sidebar is down at the bottom below everything else. Looks kinda funny, like that might not be intentional.

    And your picture of you kinda creeps me out.

    But overall, I like the layout much better. It’s a lot cleaner, more.. open.. to pictures.

  3. Chris,
    I checked the theme’s support site and there isn’t support for inline comments without reprogramming them yourself. I couldn’t figure that part out so I did some workarounds to minimize the problem you described.

    What you saw was a problem related to me trying to figure out Chris’s problem.

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