Woodstock is more than a music festival and a yellow bird

Anniston held a 5k race yesterday called The Woodstock 5k (because its starting location is on Woodstock Ave.).  I tried to come up with different ways to shoot a road race cause by this point I figure everyone has seen a photo of someone running.  For the record though, I do have more standard photos, of which some were used, but I liked these better so that’s why I’m posting these instead of those.

Some of the local TV guys, who were probably my age, let me ride along on the golf cart they brought to get some photos mid-course.  That made an interesting experience, trying to hold on for dear life and not drop my equipment at the same time.


2 responses to “Woodstock is more than a music festival and a yellow bird”

  1. Woodstock Avatar

    that’s my kind of race!

  2. natalie Avatar

    that looks fucking awesome.