The longest yard(sale)

Apparently there is something called The Longest Yardsale that stretches from Ohio down to Alabama.  I’d never heard of it before, but I got assigned it today, so I drove up to Gadsden where it ends.


4 responses to “The longest yard(sale)”

  1.  Avatar

    Any chance you pulled back and have a wide shot showing the literal end.. AKA.. empty then the sale begins.. I think that would be a fun shot I like these though…

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    the problem was is that there was no definitive end, houses all along the route opt in or out of participating so towards the end it tapers off instead of coming to a dramatic conclusion. I really wish it had been one long table though instead of the way it was.

  3. natalie Avatar

    man, i wish i could have been there to scoop up that urckle doll.

  4. Woodstock Avatar

    I think I remember seeing those black plastic things on I Love The 40’s.