Five Years Later

A number of years ago Anniston was deemed the most polluted city in the country because of a local PCB plant called Monsanto that contaminated the surrounding area.  I had wanted to do some type of project relating to this for awhile, but the opportunity did not present itself until what proved to be my final week at the Anniston Star for my internship.

The project was done in conjunction with a story writer Meghan Nichols was working on about how the settlement money from a lawsuit over the pollution has affected the lives of people nearly 5 years after Monsanto (now Solutia) was found guilty.

To go along with her story I took a series of portraits of the people she talked to, here are four of the six I took.  Three of these ran in the paper, but these were the four I had wanted to run.


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    these`are haunting.

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    (see above)