Morgan Bullock is not Sandra’s sister

Got back from my first assignment today and was told my second assignment was happening in 30 minutes and once there I’d have a 15 minute window before the player had to leave to get to her game at another school.

On the way over to Mill Creek I quickly brainstormed some portrait ideas in my head while talking to the paper’s new intern who was accompanying me on the shoot.

Upon arriving I was able to locate Morgan quickly and was able to get the portrait completed in under 10 minutes.  Lisa the intern held a strobe camera right and I hand held one camera left.  As always, I used the optical slave to trigger the strobes.


2 responses to “Morgan Bullock is not Sandra’s sister”

  1. TDiddy Avatar

    Love this shot man. Great expression, color, detailm and use of scoreboard in background. What lens were you shooting with?

  2. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    16-35mm f/2.8 at somewhere around the 35mm mark if not 35mm.