Wesley Hollingshed

Took a portrait of Norcoss player Wesley Hollingshed last week.  Photo was taken outside of the field house in the middle of the day.  I used one strobe pointed down at his face at almost full power and another handheld by the paper’s photo intern Lisa behind him to light up the background.

He was a really nice kid who has a pretty interesting story, I really encourage everyone to read Brandon Brigman’s story about him here.

6 thoughts on “Wesley Hollingshed

  1. Congratulations on your football success.Just remember that the past has helped mold you to be the individual that you are today. Always use the past as fuel to ignite your future success in the classroom and on the field. Good luck with your football career. We are proud of you. Love Larry, Anita, India,and Jaroy

  2. Continue to be focused and keep that positive attitude. I wish you, your brother, and your dad the very best. I know you will be blessed. Best wishes. Kathleen C.

  3. A Cuz it has been a long time, but being so far away I am still hearing so much about you on the grind iron. Man GOD has had his hand on you and you family. I just want you to know that I love you Cuz and keep up the good work.

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