Brookwood vs Central Gwinnett (Football)

Earlier tonight I shot the Brookwood vs Central Gwinnett game.  I thought it went better than the past few high school games I shot, but I was having all sorts of camera problems.  The D200 I use for work showed full batteries when the game started, but by the end of the first quarter I was down to the last bar for some reason.  I was able to get it to work through the half, but didn’t want to risk it dieing in the second half so I pulled out the D2X.  For some reason, the shutter on that one is wonky and freezes up occasionally.  It must have happened at least 7 times during the second half of the game.

I’m not sure whats up, but at least I was able to get some good game action this week.


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  1. Lindy Avatar

    You might want to check and see if the firmware on the D200 has been updated from what was installed originally. You can get the downloads on the Nikon website. Gotta have fully recharged batteries to install it though. The batteries might not have been that close to drained, but the battery’s meter was just reading it that way.

    The batteries might also just be really old / worn out. Where you check the Battery Info in the Menu, you can also check where the battery is in it’s overall life (it’s a scale from 0-4, 4 being you should really buy new batteries). You might have already known that though. I assume Canon has something like that in it’s menu somewhere too.