High School basketball never looked this good

Q: How many photographers does it take to light a gym?
A: Just 1.

Not going to lie, I haven’t shot basketball since march so I’m a bit rusty.  However, during the off season I studied up on Strobist.com.  One of David Hobby’s entries is about how to light for the cavernous pits known as high school gymnasiums.

Using items that can be purchased from your local Home Depot for less than $5, I was able to make a clamp stand for my strobe.  I clipped it on to the railing above the court near the baseline and hooked up a Pocket Wizard.  Below are the results.


3 responses to “High School basketball never looked this good”

  1.  Avatar

    These are great shots!


  2. Lindy Avatar

    OK, I’ve been thinking about doing this but shifts just rotated and I haven’t had the opportunity to shoot basketball yet this year. Something that’s always puzzeled me though… how do you keep people from ganking your strobes off your superclamps? Cause around here… I wouldn’t put it past anyone.

  3. Josh D. Weiss Avatar

    well first, I didn’t use a superclamp, its a 2″ spring clamp from home depot which costs about $2.00. Next, I kept an eye on it during the shoot, but you could always get a cable lock which i plan on using as soon as I have the money to invest in one.